As a child, I loved coloring in the lines. And I still do. Except now, I'm the one drawing the lines.

Go Gray was just an idea years ago. My brother and his wife came up with the name to accompany my creative skills and interest in pursuing a professional career in the field of fine arts.
Then, in 2012 I moved with my husband to the island-country of Grenada where I launched my first business Facebook page.
Next thing I knew, complete strangers were contacting me for my work. I won three awards for my artwork and I began painting full-time and turned my little hobby into a small business! Prints of my original work are available on as well as in HomeGoods stores across the country!
Now, Go Gray Artwork is located in beautiful Pennsylvania, nestled against Lake Erie, and all original pieces are created in the company of my beloved family in the comfort of my own home!

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